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Get access to mobile user acquisition strategies personalized to your requirements and gain users who retain for a long time. Automate the entire UA process, reduce cost per user acquisition, and GROW app users quickly.


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Measure the success of your user acquisition

CPA campaigns

Pay only for specific actions like installs, subscribes, clicks, registrations, leads, gameplay, and more with Cost Per Action (CPA) bidding in place.

Increased DAU and MAU

Increase daily active users and monthly active users with a user acquisition strategy that is carefully curated with the help of hard data to suit every app category.

Maximized conversions

Get the desired conversion volumes on every campaign. Acquire users at the lowest cost per user acquisition without compromising quality.

Improved user retention rate

Get suggestions and strategies on retaining your app users for a longer period of time. Get help from experts in implementing them.

Increased LTV

Acquire high-quality users that last with your app for a long time and contribute to your revenue through high Lifetime Value (LTV).

Better ROAS

Rest assured a positive return on ad spend (ROAS) with every goal-based campaign you build and run on our platform.

More reasons to choose our user acquisition services

Lowest cost per acquisition

Get app installs starting at just $0.013 (INR 1). Invest with an ROI-driven user acquisition strategy at an affordable price and drive app user growth.

Worldwide reach

Identify and reach your target audience quickly and easily with our global network of apps and affiliates within a short period.

Premium inventory

Get access to high-quality inventory while ensuring that your ads reach the right audience and are free of policy violations.

Improved campaign performance

Consult with ad campaign experts and determine your app's apt user acquisition strategy to improve ad campaign performance.

Use our network of apps and affiliates to boost app installs

Run your user acquisition campaigns across our network of 5000+ apps and 300+ affiliates and reach the audience that will skyrocket your app installs.

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Frequently asked questions

User acquisition is the process of gaining users for an app or other platform. For mobile apps, user acquisition involves generating app installs through advertising campaigns.

  • Competition for user attention.
  • Limited budget for marketing and advertising.
  • Difficulty in measuring and attributing the impact of acquisition efforts.
  • Complexity in identifying and targeting the most valuable user segments.
  • Difficulty in retaining and monetizing acquired users.

We support CPA, CPI, CPR, and CPL campaigns.

  • Identifying and targeting the most valuable user segments.
  • Testing and iterating on different acquisition strategies and channels
  • Using data and analytics to track and measure the effectiveness of acquisition efforts.
  • Optimizing the user experience to increase retention and LTV.

Our mobile user acquisition platform works on a revenue-share system. The revenue share depends on the cost model of the campaign.


We support all types of tracking.

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