Performance Based Campaigns

1500+ App inventory and premium affiliate networks - we help advertisers connect with high quality, premium users through our performance offerings

Facebook Marketing Partner

Google Channel Partner


In Annual Digital Ad Spend


Years of Advertising Experience


Monthly Impressions Served

Spend on the ‘right’ user acquisition

Engage the right users and establish a high-quality user base with help of post-install attribution. Spend based on performance to acquire users with high lifetime values.

Customised costing for your needs

Pricing that understands your needs. Choose from a wide range of custom pricing options to find the one that works best for your business.

ROI based marketing Strategies

With 9+ years of industry experience and scaling up 1000’s of campaigns, we've built a system that’ll work towards achieving your targets. You pay for results, not efforts!

Reach wide audience globally

With AD-EX, we have an inventory of 1500+ apps and 300+ affiliate networks that’ll help us precisely target your end-users. Gain more control over each aspect of your campaigns.

Mediums we work on

We’ll help you engage with your ideal users through multiple mediums.

Native Ads

Email & SMS

Search Engine

Social Media

All Fired up? That‘s a good sign

You can partner with AD-EX's to run your Branding & User Acquisition campaigns. Your Ads will be run on AD-EX's Native SDK platform, premium media buying platforms & premium ad networks.