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We are a trusted Google AdX partner, offering publishers around the globe easy access to AdX. Use our platform to make more money from apps or websites through premium AdX networks and high eCPM deals








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Revenue Uplift

Publisher problems and our solutions

Your Problems

  • Low eCPM and fill rate
  • Policy violations & limited ad-serving
  • Lack of real-time insights and analytics.
  • Low ad revenue and growth
  • Lack of support from experts

Our Solutions

  • Boost fill rates & eCPMs with real-time bidding and backfilling approach
  • Get auditing done by our experts for 100% policy compliance
  • Get granular insights and data-backed analytics via dashboard
  • Scale revenue with premium AdX networks
  • 24/7 support to manage everything

Our AdX offerings

Real-time analytics dashboard

With a live reporting feature, you can stay updated with the performance of the ad slots on your apps and websites. Analyze past ad performance with all the essential metrics in place and make data-driven decisions for maximum yield.

Premium demand for ad inventory

Access, manage, and optimize demand from premium AdX networks, direct advertisers, and third-party programmatic demand in AdX. Ensure that ads are high-quality, resulting in more engagement.

Higher eCPM and fill rates

We help you find the ad formats and placements that deliver high ad viewability, increasing your average fill rates up to 95%. You even get an eCPMs boost, in turn, uplifting your ad revenue up to 40%.

Shield against policy violations

Get your app and website audited by our QA to solve existing issues, identify potential policy violations, and implement strategies to prevent them. Dedicated account managers will even assist you in ad operations.

Why AD-EX AdX?

Fast payouts within 30 days

We are a trusted Google MCM partner , having made a successful transition to the Google MCM program.

Competitive revenue sharing model

Access premium AdX networks at a customized revenue share based on the size of the publisher.

Google MCM partnership

Get your payment on a net 30 basis, ensuring no pending requests or conflicts on both ends.

Complete UI/UX suggestions

Get UI/UX suggestions and identify effective ad placements that contribute to a better user journey, higher LTV, and ARPDAU.

Premium Adx Networks we work with

Sign up with GreedyGame AdX

Connect with the right AdX networks and access suitable ad formats. Get a better data analysis, increase your ad revenue by at least 40%, and achieve up to 95% average fill rates.

Frequently asked questions

You can get started for free. Once you start making revenue, the revenue share structure will apply.

Following are the eligibility criteria to access Google AdX:

  • A Google Ad Manager or AD-EX AdX account. (We’ll help you to set up one.)
  • No policy violations, unsafe content, or invalid traffic.
  • Updated ads.txt file.
  • Minimum of 5 million pageviews per month.

As a reliable Google AdX partner, our platform serves Google Ad Exchange demand, third-party AdX networks, and direct advertisers.

Yes, you can add multiple ad mediation partners and optimize your revenue through the waterfall and open-bidding approaches.

It uplifts your ad revenue by up to 40%. We are proud to have served over 1500+ publishers as a trusted Google AdX partner.

We offer a competitive revenue-sharing model. Talk to our experts for a detailed discussion.

With our AD-EX AdX, you can monetize both mobile apps and websites. Also,  AdX gives you access to more demand channels and innovative ad formats. 

offers a dedicated account manager to every publisher, helping them overcome the challenges of using AD-EX AdX.

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