Mobile Game Monetization Solution

Tap into the full potential of your in-game ads with our game monetization solution - AD-EX AdX. Focus on building fantastic games while we make your game monetization-ready. Overcome the challenges of making money from mobile games and maximize your earnings on each ad impression.


Games monetized


Average fill rate achieved


Average revenue increased


Demand partners

Publisher problems and our solutions

Your Problems

  • Low eCPM and fill rates
  • Ad serving limit and restrictions
  • Less demand for ad inventory
  • Lack of data and insights
  • Low performing ad formats
  • Payment not released on time
  • Managing everything by yourself

Our Solutions

  • Highest eCPM and up to 95% average fill rate with backfilling
  • Policy-compliant ad units for zero interruption
  • Access top-tier demands from premium advertisers
  • Get granular insights on ad performance
  • Ad formats that attract clicks
  • Full and final payment settlement within 30 days
  • Get help from expert account managers

Fast ad monetization for your games

Lasting game revenue

Use smart segmentation, ad mediation, and real-time bidding with access to premium demand. Open your ad inventory across high-paying bidders and unlock maximum value from your game user base.

Customized ad formats

Implement customized ad formats into your games. We offer publishers the flexibility to switch ad formats anytime. Choose from a wide variety of ad formats, including banner, video, interstitial, and native.

AdSense and AdMob advantage

Leverage AdSense and AdMob advantage together through our game monetization platform. Use AD-EX AdX to monetize both web and mobile games while gaining high ad revenues.

High-quality user experience

Get complete UI/UX suggestions on improving user experience. Understand what type of ads pair well with your game. Keep your players engaged with interest-based ads that drive high views and CTRs.

100% policy compliance

Receive ads from legitimate sources, completely preventing ad fraud. Get prompt resolution to existing policy violations and ensure 100% compliance for the future.

Actionable insights for growth

Monitor your game publishing business with the AD-EX AdX dashboard and see your ads and ad slots performance. Use live reporting features to analyze past performance data and make data-driven decisions.

Why 1500+ publishers trust us

Strategic Google partnership

AD-EX is a Google publishing partner, allowing game publishers to get access to AdX in GAM 360.

Monetization for every game

We offer game monetization for Unity, Android, iOS game, and multiplayer games.

24x7 ad ops support

24x7 ad ops support to help you manage your game monetization

Frequently asked questions

Yes, The game monetization software is free to use. However, a revenue share applies on your monetization.


Yes. The platform offers a separate optimization module.


You will receive the payout on a net 30-day basis.

Our demand sources include multiple programmatic and direct buyers.

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