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Create result-oriented ad campaigns with our self-serve user acquisition platform - GROW. Target and acquire the right users who engage and retain on your app. Get end-to-end support on setting up campaigns, user acquisition, and growth.

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Your Challenges

  • Problem finding the suitable inventory
  • Managing multiple tasks by yourself
  • Lack of data-backed insights and reports
  • Inefficient user targeting and bidding
  • No support from AdOps

Our Solutions

  • Access to premium inventory and 5K+ apps
  • Self-serve user acquisition and growth platform
  • Strategic reporting and data-backed insights
  • Smart targeting and real-time bidding
  • Dedicated account manager for every campaign

Increase your app installs with GROW

Revenue-based campaigns

Create app marketing campaigns that aggressively increase your app's sales, conversions, LTV, and ROI. Tap into GROW’s network of 3K+ campaigns, 5K+ apps, and 300+ affiliates, including email, SMS, push, and blogs.

Mobile app user acquisition

Reach audiences already engaged with an app similar to yours. Create app install, CPI, CPA, and CPC campaigns using our self-serve mobile app marketing platform and acquire users that convert into quality payers.

Vast affiliate network and direct publishers

Drive quality traffic on your app from DSPs, affiliates and engaging advertising campaigns. Avoid wasting time searching for your ideal publishers; we provide access to a pool of reliable publishers.

Higher ROI and advertising results

Our self-serve user acquisition platform is integrated with unique app growth capabilities that bring you 1M+ installs and an adequate amount of non-incentivized users on a global scale.

Smart bidding and audience targeting

Quickly create and launch mobile app marketing campaigns with our self-serve DSP platform. Use advanced targeting and bidding technology to discover the right traffic source for your app.

Powerful tracking and detailed reports

Our self-serve mobile user acquisition platform supports powerful tracking features, allowing you to track your mobile app marketing campaign's performance based on impressions, clicks, revenue, sales, and more.

More reasons to use GROW

Programmatic buying with a smart DSP

Use our smart DSP platform to access premium DSPs, direct and in-house publishers to scale your ad campaign performance and revenue.

Dashboard for detailed and actionable insights

Access granular insights in real-time via a comprehensive, unified dashboard integrated into our self-serve user acquisition platform.

24/7 support from dedicated growth managers

Get end-to-end support throughout your app’s journey of getting targeted installs, high-converting traffic, building a user base, and revenue.

Assured growth for every campaign

Reach out to publishers, DSPs, and thousands of active campaigns in diverse niches. Drive growth, traffic, and users to your campaign before your competitor does.

Get started with our user acquisition platform

Create user acquisition campaigns that drive quality users, not just installs.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can get started for free with GROW and create customized campaigns. Later, you need to pay for CPA and CPI as per the bid amount.


As a user acquisition platform, GROW provides your app with access to premium inventories, ad networks, and supply partners along with many exclusive features. Therefore, it acts as a DSP in some ways.


GROW, focuses more on CPI and CPA bidding of CPI campaigns, saving the overall cost of running user acquisition campaigns.


You can sign up/log in  and start creating campaigns. Or else, you can access GROW from our unified dashboard.

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