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Accelerate your app growth

All-in-one solution for all your app monetization and user acquisition needs so that you can concentrate on making awesome apps.

Unparalleled Global Reach

With 9+ years of expertise in the mobile ecosystem, AD-EX has data-backed techniques to help you scale up your app and website. We have helped more than 1500+ publishers and advertisers using our AI-powered technology to scale user engagement, acquisition, monetization, and more.


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Monetize with AdX

Our AdX helps you to achieve an average of 95% fill rate and increase eCPM by 20-40% for your apps, websites, and games. Get exclusive access to 15+ premium demand partners and ad networks with our RTB-enabled platform.

Acquire users with GROW

Acquire users with GROW

Maximize your users with GROW, a premium mobile DSP that helps you to connect with the right target audience for your app. It supports multiple pricing models, and tracking capabilities to scale your mobile marketing campaigns.

Optimize ad revenue with SDK X

With Admob-like implementation, our ad revenue optimization platform SDK X helps you to increase your ad performance with ease. Capture unfilled inventory with effective bidding strategies like Waterfall, and Smart Waterfall techniques.

Check out our futuristic products

Solutions for Publishers

Our solutions enable publishers with app monetization, website monetization, and game monetization. Get 24/7 ad ops support and best-in-class dedicated account managers in your monetization journey.

Solutions for Advertisers

Promote your app to acquire the right users without compromising on branding. Customize performance marketing campaigns based on your audience to increase app engagement and user retention.

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Start user acquisition and boost ad revenue with best-in-industry support from Ad-ex!